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Become a badass at Ableton Live & produce your dream live performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Transmute' mean?
trans·mute /tranzˈmyo͞ot,transˈmyo͞ot/
change in form, nature, or substance.
“the precious memories we captured in the studio was transmuted into stories we will always remember on that tour. “
What are the dates for the upcoming Accelerator?

Kickoff is the week of September 14th. The Accelerator ends November 6th.


What time are the Masterminds, Guest Masterclasses & Creative Empowerment Sessions via Zoom?

Group Masterminds are every Wednesday from 11AM PDT – 12:30PM PDT via Zoom.

Guest Masterclasses are every Friday from 11AM PDT – 12:30PM PDT via Zoom.

Creative Empowerment Sessions are the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 11AM PDT via Zoom.

*All Masterminds, Masterclasses & Creative Empowerment Sessions are recorded and saved for view later. 

Am I a good fit for the program?

We are seeking artists, producers, musicians, performers, DJs, or engineers of all shapes and sizes. You will need to be prepared to commit at least 3-5 hours weekly, be curious to incorporate technology & newfound creative techniques to enhance their live performance, and ready to take some risks. 

Every artist that joins the program has their own unique set of goals, intentions, motivations, aspirations, creative blocks, and limiting beliefs. The only things we require for you to start The Transmute™ Accelerator is your willingness and determination to invest in yourself.

What do I need to prepare before taking the course?

1. At least two original tracks with ready-to-go stems. (If you don’t have any, we will provide some for you!)
2. Ableton Live (8 or higher, but we teach in 10)
3. MIDI Controller
4. Your imagination

How much does the program cost?

$3500 USD.

We do offer two payment options: 1. Pay in Full ($3500 USD) or 2. Split Payment ($1750 USD upon enrollment, $1750 USD 30-days later).

Do I get to get 1-1 coaching or face-time with Laura?

The Transmute™ Accelerator is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning combined with virtual learning modules with online tutorials and resources all custom-built by Laura herself. Built into the weekly run of show, Reflection assignments are your way of tracking your progress and enables Team Transmute & Laura to review your progress on an on-going basis. Questions that may arise will be addressed in real-time via Group Mastermind Zoom calls and the private Facebook group that serves as an open forum.

Is there a program schedule or curriculum?

Dive into the program breakdown here

What results can I expect at the end of the 8 weeks?

There’s no simple answer here. Every artist begins their Transmutation journey with personal goals and intentions, and each will develop their own results in that respect. As cliche as it may seem, The Transmute™ Accelerator is truly about the process, not the end result – as you will be continually evolving and elevating what you create in these 8 weeks to something you may have not dreamed was possible. 


I have a personal question!

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