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Become a badass at Ableton Live & produce your dream live performance.

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Learn how to build a show-ready performance in just 8 weeks


What’s Included


8 Weekly Masterminds

8 Guest Masterclasses

2 Creative Empowerment Sessions

Weekly Modules, Interactive Assignments/Exercises

Resource Packages: Templates, Custom Racks, Reference Guides


Private Facebook Group for learning, collaboration, & tech support

Global family of like-minded artists around the world

Ongoing inspiration from shared community resources

Bonus Goods

Transmute™ Festival on YouTube

Exclusive product demos/discounts

Mini-modules on specialized topics for skill development

Fast-Track Your Creativity

Virtually designed to keep you on track & accountable.

The Transmute™ Process

Envision Your Show

Explore the possibilities & discover your unique style.

The entire blueprint from concept to execution was the framework I needed, plus a lot of inspiration along the way. 

The class format was a great way to learn from observing fellow Transmutants, which provided the requisite degree of peer pressure to push me to get my act together!

(Drive, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Design it yourself

Gain access to custom-built resources & expert
know-how to create a show-ready project in just 8 weeks.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen that’s available for any kind of artist.This experience guided me to level up my live show, step up my equipment, and connect with a community of like-minded artists.

(Low End Theory, Return To Sound) 

Perform your music

Empower & express yourself with full control of your live show to own your stage.

I got so much out of it learning-wise, plus the kick to get my live set together to get back out & perform now!

More than anything, I appreciate Laura’sartistry & entrepreneurship. Her work has shown me that it’s all possible.

Seeing her own approach &journey has given me confidence in mine.


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